Subaru Impreza 2018 Pros and Cons

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The Subaru has set a great reputation in the world of compact sedans. And it continues this standard in 2018 with a new Subaru Impreza is having automatic wipers in premium, limited and sport trims. It comes with a standard all-wheel drive feature. Although this is a typical Subaru feature but there are a plenty of other features that you will love once you use it. This makes Impreza very impressive sedan besides having some minor problems.

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  1. Standard All-Wheel Drive

If you live in a cold climate condition or like off-roading, you must consider buying new Subaru Impreza. It has standard All-wheel drive which provides excellent traction and keep an automobile running smoothly over any type of terrain.

  1. Expansive interior

Although Impreza might appear to be a small sedan, but its interior is highly spacious. It offers plenty of room for passengers of all heights. Even adults taller than 6 feet can comfortable sit in the rear seats. However, this class of Subaru offers a less expansive rear space.

  1. Well-insulated cabin

This sedan offers a sound proofed cabin, so you won’t get disturbed by a noise of wind or traffic on the road. You will enjoy peaceful rides even if you drive it on speedy highways. However, you can expect a little noise from engine, when you put it at full throttle.

  1. Plenty of safety features

Being known as a very generous brand, the new Subaru Impreza offers excellent safety features. You can get access an optional Eyesight package. It provides an Advanced Driver Assist System which will keep you safe on the road.

  1. 5-Speed Manual Transmission

If you don’t like to use automatic transmissions, Subaru provides a 5-speed manual transmission. You can use it as a great alternative to the CVT automatic transmission.

  1. Powerful Braking

This amazing sedan has powerful brakes with pedals that offers a good sense of the pressure. However, its brakes can respond differently in different driving conditions and at different speeds.

  1. Comfortable Seats

The Impreza have firm but well-bolstered and comfortable seats. This can extend the sitting period conveniently.  Additionally, you can flatten the rear seats but it also offers quite a comfort.

  1. Incredibly well-tuned suspension

The Impreza has a very well-tuned suspension, which helps tires to absorb shock and keep the journey smoother. It is also a great feature when you run a vehicle over large and small bumps and crevasses.

  1. Easy to use controls

Controls offered in 2018 Impreza are highly user-friendly and placed intuitively. You won’t need to guess their functions as they are clearly labelled and adjusted according to user convenience. It also offers a very user-friendly and well-designed touchscreen interface.

  1. Clear Visibility

With a massive front windshield, the Impreza offers absolutely perfect visibility. It actually gives a wide forward visibility so you can drive the vehicle with safety. There also have quite large rear window which provides excellent visibility. It has slender roof pillars so that it don’t create problem in your vision while driving.


  1. Transmission Noise

Although there are not many drawbacks seen in the 2018 Subaru Impreza but the biggest one is transmission noise. When the vehicle is driven under full throttle a chattering noise is observed in its CVT. This is noise is easily noticeable when you drive the vehicle at a high speed on a highway.

  1. Slow acceleration

The new Impreza fail to beat speedy acceleration offered by some of its competitors. It normally offers an acceleration in between 0 to 60 mph in about 9.4 seconds.

  1. Poor gas mileage

The fuel economy of Impreza doesn’t match the EPA estimates offered by some of its competitors. This is a major drawback in contrast to same models offered by its competitors.

  1. Lack of high-end interior materials

These days most people prefer to buy vehicles with high quality interior design materials. However, the 2018 Subaru Impreza fail to provide an interior with high-end materials.

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