How often do I really need to get my car serviced?

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Everyone wants their vehicle to last as long as possible. It’s more economically viable, and having the car break down all the time can be a disruptive force in anyone’s life. You need to have a vehicle that is in reliable shape, so no unexpected breakdown will cause one to be late to work.

Similarly, one goes to the doctors for regular check-ups for reasons that are not unlike those stated above. You want your body to last as long as possible. And want to avoid getting into situations where it’s breaking down all the time. So regular visits to your personal GP will hopefully catch anything that might be going wrong before it becomes a serious problem later on down the line. So it makes sense to have the same attitude to the upkeep of your machine. And take it to get serviced regularly by a professional.


The fact that there are no visible and immediately tangible benefits to this practice can make some people feel that missing a check-up won’t hurt. But skipping a trip to the shop to get the car seen to can be costly in the long run.

The risk in doing this can express itself in different ways. You might actually be on the road when a previously unknown problem makes itself known, putting you. And any passengers you may have in immediate danger of being killed outright in a terrible fiery car accident, leading to costly funerals. Or, worse yet, you may have a problem that has just occurred in the engine. That if fixed now would cost peanuts, but left for a month may create a hefty maintenance bill.

So we’ve covered the fact that problems that are caught early are cheaper to get sorted out. But another great benefit to regular servicing of your vehicle is the fact that when it comes time for you to sell it. You can get more money for it, because it will be in such good shape.

This is due to prevention. All the used auto spare parts in your vehicle have replacement intervals. And if you miss them. When those parts start failing they can create havoc with other parts in the vehicle, wrecking those as well. Thus making the carnage more bloodier than it would have been. If you had just taken the car for its regular check-up.

Another important part of the equation is the changing of the engine oil. It is absolutely imperative that it is changed regularly. If instead you just leave it, and top it up from time to time. Disaster can strike in the form of engine seizure. This is the horrible outcome of having old oil whose lubricating property has degraded over time to the point that it has begun clogging up your car’s engine.

In conclusion, don’t mess about when it comes time for your car’s regular check-up. Or you might be planning your cars funeral. Which will be costly and humiliating. Because everyone will know just how bad an auto owner you are.


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