Frequently Asked Questions about Unwanted Car Disposal

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When it’s time to get rid of an old or junk vehicle, recycling can be a great option. It is an effective way to escape the burden of keeping a car that no longer runs. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for maintaining a green and clean environment. You will be surprised by learning the fact that cars are one of the most recycled items across the world.

If you have a vehicle that is badly wrecked and no longer operate, it can be harmful to keep it on your property.  Instead of attempting to throw it in a landfill or having it removed as scrap. You can recycle it to help the environment. It is a real hassle-free option than trying to sell your junk car privately. As you won’t have to explain the buyers about the repairs and maintenance needed. Plus, private buyers won’t pay you more than a couple of dollars because of the poor condition of your automobile.

All in all, recycling or disposing your junk car is a great way to save yourself from unwanted inconvenience, say thanks to scrap car wreckers. Also, if you are an eco-lover, recycling your scrap car is the way to go.

However, there are many people who are not properly aware of the auto recycling and disposal process.


In this guide we have discussed some common questions that worry car owners while disposing their vehicle.

What parts are removed and disposed in the auto recycling process?

When getting rid of an old car every user want to know why auto recycling is the most environment friendly approach. This brings the need to have a thorough understanding of vehicle disposal and recycling process.

Once the automobile is towed to a recycling centre it is carefully wrecked for parts. While stripping all the fluids that are hazardous in nature are drained safely so they pollute the environment. This includes fluids like engine oil, wiper fluids, transmission liquid and brake liquid.

Additionally, auto recycling specialists remove the wheels because they can extract and recycle its rubber. Another common auto part that is taken off and recycled is the battery.

It not only reduce the waste but also the need of raw materials to manufacture new battery. Windows are also taken out of the vehicle to extract its glass for repurpose. Even the refrigerant used in air conditioner is removed for safe disposal and recycling.

Beside this all harmful materials such as mercury switches are also removed.

Which parts are resold after auto dismantling?

Car recyclers can locate and remove many components from your automobile depending on your its condition. Most commonly they look for parts that are perfectly working, like transmission system, engine, etc.

Other than this, they also recycle and resold auto seats, quarter panels, steering column and more. Even the auto doors can be resold if they don’t have any scratches and dents. After removing working components auto recycling experts clean and inspect them. Before reselling parts to the junkyard, recycling experts assess their price depending on their life expectancy.

Car recyclers are also able to recycle the metal chassis regardless of the condition. Even if the steel frame is broken down or wrecked it can be salvaged. First auto dismantlers break down the auto body and then crush it for recycling. However, they may not earn much money by selling shredded auto body as scrap.  

But wrecking and recycling of vehicle helps them in reducing the waste in a landfill. Hence, they are always ready to remove and dismantle any unwanted vehicle even if is beyond repair.

In case they are not able to recycle a component, they make sure to dispose it using eco-friendly techniques. Hence, car recycling is an option that is worth considering at the time of getting rid of an old vehicle.

All in all, selling your car for parts is a great way to fetch some money out of unwanted vehicle which is trash for you anyways.

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