An Ultimate Guide to Bargaining over Second Hand Cars

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The used car market is a cut-throat world where everyone is trying to get the best deal possible. This includes both used car buyers and sellers. And if there was one activity that makes all the difference in the amount of money that finally gets paid, it is the negotiating process. If one is good at it, they will be far more likely to get a deal that they are happy with.

Of course, not everyone out there buying or selling cars privately is good at bargaining, or “haggling” as it is alternatively known as. Your skill in this area decides whether or not you will be saving when buying, or profiting when selling.

Even the most experienced hagglers will get a bit of anxiety while in the process of performing this practice. People who are new to the art of negotiating feel even more stress while doing it. Unless they are fearless warriors or have a natural gift of the gab, but people like that are exceptions. If you are keen on becoming adept at negotiating car prices, here is a guide.

  1. Be Sure that Negotiating is for you

Perhaps you are an extreme introvert, or you have a case of social phobia. If engaging in the practice of haggling really is that far out of your comfort zone. Perhaps it just isn’t for you. Don’t despair, however, as you can enlist the help of a family member or friend who has the skills needed for a successful haggling session.

  1. Know What Your Budget is

You should have a budget if you are buying a car. If you don’t want to be railroaded into spending more money than you can ultimately afford. You shouldn’t even be looking at cars that sit outside of the range of dollars that you can realistically pay. It also means that you won’t be persuaded by a particularly charismatic seller into paying too much, as you have a clear number occupying your brain that you will refer to constantly in order to keep your feet on the ground.

  1. Check the Odometer Reading

The amount of money a used car is worth will be affected by a range of variables. One of those factors will be the mileage. How many Km’s the car has travelled will give a picture of the condition the car is in. There have been incidents in the past of car sellers tampering with the odometer to make it seem as if it has travelled less in order to sell the car in question for more. Look for signs of wear on the acceleration pedal and drivers’ seat. If they are at odds with the odometer reading, run for the hills.

  1. Have a Professional Inspect the Vehicle

Have someone who knows cars inspect it to make sure that there is no hidden damage that the seller is trying to conceal. Get a quote from Cash for Car Company that should give you the clear idea about the actual prices of your vehicle in any condition.

  1. Research Car Prices Online

Go online and see what other people are selling the same kind of vehicle for. Or probably browse a guide to car valuation to find out the ballpark figures. Compare prices to make sure that you are getting a good deal!

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